Electronic signature use in insurance world

E-signatures can benefit insurance companies by eliminating their paper usage issue because electronic signature has ability to instantly sign nigoalxrich and seal documents,Guest Posting to instantly sign and seal transactions electronically, to enable shorter processing time for applications and to accelerate customer service and cost savings.

For the insurance companies now e-sign plays very important role because for an agent or broker his/her success lies in signing up new policies, servicing his/her customers and running his business better than competitors. For that purpose he has to rely on latest electronic technologies.

Before finalizing and signing any agreement, waiting for paper signature can put his revenue and reputation with customers at risk. He has to make this process fast and for that purpose he needs to follow up electronic signature.

How electronic signature works for insurance companies?

Life insurance companies are one of the most important field, insurers are now working on it to bring changes and to adopt technologies such as e-applications, automated underwriting and most importantly e-signature. These technologies will help insurance companies to minimize errors, to reduce Not in Good Order (NIGO) applications. These technologies will speed up there insurance scenario in order to please agents and enable growth.

An insurer at an insurance company says “Documentation is the leading agency defense when it is comes to E&O claims against agents. Whether it’s signatures on applications, proposals, acknowledgment waivers or E&O coverage checklists, the customer’s signature can be the difference between a positive or negative outcome of an E&O claim. E-sign can facilitate the agency getting this valuable documentation safely and professionally”

So, this shows that how much importance electronic signatures have in insurance companies. Authenticity of documents is most important thing for insurance companies and this authenticity comes when your document is electronically signed by the signer him/herself. This will show that document bears no chance of changing and it will not only reduce but it will totally eliminate forgery.

Benefits of e-signature to insurance companies:

E-signature provides following benefits to insurance companies:

Delight clients:

Clients will get faster ways to interact with their agent or broker and clients can complete documents online by signing them up with their e-signatures.

Increase revenue:

It will eliminate NIGO (Not in Good Order) documents and will guide applicants so that signatures never get missed. Faster closing of applications will accelerate revenue.

Reduce costs:

It will eliminate cost of printing, faxing, scanning. It will also reduce staff time which they require for tracking down documents and signature and to ensure from which signer this document belongs.

Reduce E&O exposure:

It helps insurance companies to more easily obtain signatures on all needed forms, both those sent on to carriers, and those required for business records.

Electronic signature is a must apply technique for insurance companies as it helps them to add authentication and integrity in their business along with reducing forgery chances.

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