How to Spice Up Your Home Without Breaking the Bank
Many people are obsessed with decorating their homes. It is a natural instinct in many of us to make a pleasant and inviting living space. The process of beautifying your home or office can quickly become an obsessional habit that is not easy to shake off once you get started. There is a common belief that decorating the home is time consuming, takes an enormous amount of effort and is a huge expense in money. That's far from the truth. With careful planning and thought you can build an elegant and cozy home in an hour, and within a limited budget. This article will highlight a few tips for how you can make a stunning home without spending lots of money or time. Use old Photographs and Pictures You don't have to spend huge sums of money to american bed linen purchase expensive artworks to hang on your walls. If you've got photos of your family or postcards, you could easily put them into an inexpensive frame and hang them. If you're determined on buying an actual painting, go for reprints or canvas transfers. They're definitely less expensive than purchasing the original piece. If you have a frame that is set up and with the right lighting to highlight the artwork and make it look more professional, nobody will be able to tell that it's not authentic. Candles Candles can alter the mood of a space that's otherwise dull into one that's full of an atmosphere of warmth and romance. Simply watching a candle burning is a soothing and revitalizing experience. A lot of retailers sell scented candles that are lit and emit the scent of a floral, inviting the room to smell fresh herbs or flowers. You can light up your home with candles. You can place a few on the main coffee table, or a couple in the table at the end. You could even have a few of them hanging from the ceiling. Switch off the lights and be surprised as your space takes on a completely new look. Candles can also be a great option to cut down on electricity. They're beautifuland not expensive at all and help to lower your monthly bills as well. Talk about budget decorating! Place runners over table the table tops. You can add a splash of bright color to a dull appearance coffee table by placing runners across it. A runner is a wide and thin piece of cloth that is able to be placed along the length of the table's surface but it's not covering the entire surface as in the case of a tablecloth. The lengths of runners vary and many are designed with a range of patterns and themes. Pick one that will compliment beautifully with your house. In the middle of the runner, place things like a fruit dish, photographs, candles and a range of other accessories. Drape a piece of cloth on your sofa. If you are worried that your sofa could get dirty in time (especially in the event that your sofa is light or one-colored colored), drape a piece of printed fabric over itand place the sofa pillows over it. It may sound crazy however, you'll be amazed by the effects it produces. Like runners that cover table tops You can also find an item with a printed pattern that complements your house. This not only adds an element of interest to your space with an additional pop of color, it also gives you less worry over getting the sofa dirty from frequent use. All you have to do is clean the sofa with the same cloth. The easy tips mentioned above can quickly transform your house into a beautiful sanctuary. It won't cost a lot of amount of money or consume the whole day. However, the concepts presented here are the frosting on the cake, and aren't meant to be comprehensive. There are a lot of interior design magazines and books where you can find more inspiration and motivation from. You'll have a lot of fun designing! Find a wide selection of inexpensive contemporary wall art [] prints at Abstract Prints, an online art gallery offering more than 20,000 abstract art prints for budget home decorating []. Visit Abstract Prints today and begin designing your home now.

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