Candidates for Direct Hire Staffing Often Start Out As Temp Workers
As of the end of October, 14.8 million people in the United States, approximately 9.6 percent of the population eligible to work of the nation were in unemployment. One million job opportunities were added to the public sector over the year, however, more than eight million jobs were eliminated in the recession years between the years 2008-2009. If you're in the market for an opening right today, these figures mean that you're in competition with 10 times the amount of candidates who were looking for jobs just 3 years earlier. Your resume may not suffice to get you into the door If you're a recent graduate and have no work experience, there's a high chance that you won't get an interview. Direct hire agencies are able to assist you in finding the job you're looking for however, there is intense competition for the job. The first applicants chosen are people who have Software Development Team worked as temporary employees in the industry they're seeking a permanent position in. This type of experience can offer that employers are looking for more than simply interest or education. Employing someone who has worked in the field could help a business save hundreds and often thousands of dollars in training costs. If they choose to hire someone from their own pool of temp workers it could be that there isn't any space. ASA Statistics for Temporary and Direct Hire Staffing The American Staffing Association (ASA) annually releases statistics on the direct and temporary industry of staffing. Their findings from 2010 indicate that the numbers of temporary workers are increasing, even though permanent employment numbers are lower. 8.6 million people worked for staffing companies in the last year. 79% of them have full-time jobs and 88% of them have said that they utilize their temporary jobs to develop the skills and experience needed for permanent employment opportunities. 90% of the companies which employ temp workers provide free training in administrative, computer and clerical job-related skills, which makes their employees more valuable, so they are able to be placed in more lucrative jobs or move into permanent positions. Seasonal Direct Hire Positions Non-profit and government agencies frequently use direct hire staffing agencies to recruit seasonal workers during busy times of the year. For instance, the United States Post Office is an excellent illustration. Each holiday season, they bring on new employees to handle the greater volume of gifts, cards, and letters that are sent via the mail. UPS is a private business which does the exact job, also employs additional sorters loaders, drivers, and sorters during the Christmas season. The jobs aren't always permanent jobs, but they can provide experience and resume materials. When the economy grows and more opportunities become available and you gain experience, the skills you learn during a job that is seasonal can help you get an improved job. How Outsourcing is Improving the Job Market A lot has been said about the amount of jobs that have been outsourced in recent times. It appears, as an American nation, that we aren't manufacturing any of our products any more. Furniture, plastics, automobile and textiles are produced by factories in Southeast Asia and other more economically-friendly regions around the globe. Businesses located in America United States find, even with the import tax that they still earn more profit from factories that cost pennies an hour for workers and don't have unions or compulsory health insurance plans. This has led to the elimination of many machines and light industrial jobs that were once thought of as lucrative permanent positions that Americans could hold until retirement. The decline of these jobs is a major reasons for the high rate of unemployment in the US however, it also has created a new market which direct hire and temporary hiring agencies are actively looking for. The companies here have moved from manufacturing to distributors and managers. The infrastructure is in place to perform these tasks, and the staff that make the infrastructure is in certain cases larger or larger than what the workforce employed by manufacturing. Lower cost of production has allowed companies to expand their production and also add more clerical and administrative personnel here at home. They offer a variety of jobs that they did not offer in the past, but work nevertheless. Many former workers are now training to work in offices. Learning New Technology Skills is the Key to Long Term Employment If you've lost your job in an area which has seen a decline for more than a decade There's a good chance that you will not be able to find a new job in the field. It's possible to begrudge your situation in life and stay at home until your unemployment extension expire or change your training to find a new job in a different sector. The ability to learn new technologies is essential to lasting employment. If you are applying for a job at an agency that is a direct hire or temporary staffing company, one of the first questions they'll ask is whether you're proficient in computers. If not, the majority of companies will teach you at least the fundamentals. Community centers and libraries across the country offer inexpensive or free courses that you can attend and there's no reason not to take the time to study. Advanced computer skills in programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can make you more valuable and dramatically increase the chances of getting a job. There are many complaining on Facebook about how many of our excellent jobs are being sent to overseas. They're not seeing the bigger picture. The jobs that were eliminated were replaced with more lucrative jobs. 1 million new jobs were created this year, with the majority in administrative and technology positions. The IT, engineering, and health care sectors have seen growth of significant magnitude over the last year. Don't wait around for your previous job to become available. Learn to perform something new. There are many opportunities available if you take a few minutes to search for them, and remain open to something new. Visit an agency for temporary work and get an hourly job while you're looking for a job. You can benefit from the training that they provide for free and gain the experience that you require to secure an even better permanent job once it becomes available.

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